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    Social Mixer in Little Italy - Indigo Grill
    3-31-15 5:30 pm
    !~San Diego Wine Fanatics~!

    Social Mixer @ Indigo Grill Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 from 5 to generally at least 9 PM! Returning to a very popular new location for us, and continuing with the theme of “time for something different”, the Cohn Restaurant Group and Chef...

    Tuesday Toss-Up in Balboa Park
    3-31-15 5:30 pm
    San Diego Jugglers

    Daylight savings time is back, and that means it's time to wow the people at Balboa Park with our juggling. We will be on the flat lawn in front of the botanical gardens, next to the koi pond under the big tree there. In the picture below, we...

    Write an Ebook Overnight with Our Easy Template & Then Market Using It!
    3-31-15 5:30 pm
    San Diego Speaker's Guild

    Everybody who is anybody has an ebook!  If you want to prove your expertise, an ebook is the way to go.   An ebook is a great way to nurture relationships with prospects and influencers.  It's really easy with our simple template that gives...