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    Welcome to LeTip!
    7-29-15 7:00 am - The Loma Club
    LeTip Business Networking at the University Club Downtown

    This is a breakfast meeting where members get together to share what they do and exchange qualified business leads. Each person will be assigned to a specific Business Category. Business Categories in this group have exclusivity. You "own" your...

    Please come and join us next wednesday for our weekly meeting
    7-29-15 7:00 am - The Loma Club
    LeTip of Greater San Diego

    Come and join us. Breakfast is on us for your first meeting

    San Diego Bayfront Networking Breakfast
    7-29-15 7:00 am - The Loma Club
    Liberty Station Networking Breakfast

    Please join us for a fabulous networking breakfast Wednesday morning at The Loma Club. Each week members get together give a brief live "commercial" for their business and exchange qualified business leads.Every professional is assigned to a...