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  • Community Events

    BNI Downtown Connection - Business Networking Meetup
    10-2-14 7:00 am - The King's Inn
    BNI Downtown Connection - San Diego Business Networking

    Founded in 2001, BNI Downtown Connection is comprised of quality local professionals who meet on a regular basis to increase their professional relationships and visibility in the community. Maintaining strong business relationships in the...

    Wealth In Networking Weekly Meetup
    10-2-14 7:00 am - The King's Inn
    Wealth In Networking

    When it comes to marketing and business development, networking is one of the affordable and effective ways to grow your business. Wealth in Networking is an organization of motivated, professional business people focusing on business development...

    Business Networking Group Meeting
    10-2-14 7:00 am - The King's Inn
    Le Tip of Mission Valley Business Networking Group

    Come join us Thursday and experience the power of professional networking. Le Tip of Mission Valley is a professional organization of business professionals dedicated to the highest standards of competence and service. Our purpose is to help...